Our Senses in Nature- Smell

When we explore the outdoors, our nose picks up so many wondrous smells to process in our brains and recall for a later time. Take your time while walking and try for part of the journey to just stop and sniff the air, it may surprise you all that you can take in with that sniff. What you smell will vary from each season to the next, so be sure to do this often. That deep sniff you take can be part of meditating in nature, capturing serenity, or just grounding you to the outdoors.  Feed into the natural curiosity of children, walk slowly with them and answer the questions that arise with each delightful discovery.

Dirt has a very distinct rich smell that lets you know you are exploring the outdoors

The scent of crunchy leaves in the fall or the pine needles in the winter

Flowers blooming throughout the year carry so many different scents to your nose. Each one can evoke an emotion that is tied to a memory.  Can you tell the difference between flowers?

Animals put out different scents that you can pick up on as you walk the outdoor spaces.

Hiking among the grass can open your sense of smell to the clean, fresh odor that comes from the fields.

As you come upon a water source, take a big sniff and try to identify what smells you can pick up from the water.

Often you will uncover so many different types of trees while you are exploring the outdoors. Take the time to smell the leaves, needles, bark and identify which make you smile.

Can you pick up the smells of something wet or damp? What might it be?

How about searching out the pine cones that are making the woods smell like homes in winter.


I hope you enjoy engaging the sense of smell while out in nature and can uncover many new smells each time you explore a different area.