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Announcement: We are on the shelves at the Exton, PA Barnes and Noble. So exciting to reach more readers. 

Barnes and Noble Dog and Community Oriented Authors Unite for Book Signing
Monty from The Adventures of Nonna and the Little Red Truck in Autumn joined us at the signing to greet guests. 

Social Media Connection: The Adventures of Nonna and the Little Red Truck has joined with the amazing Indie Book Vault to reach more readers. You can find them at

Community: Dual Author Event:
Local authors joined forces to come together for a community meet and greet. Local hotspot, Birchrunville Cafe, welcomed both authors and our dog stories which was shared with both children and adults. The weather rainy weather could not discourage those wishing to discuss their love of reading and their warm hearts.


Local Happenings: The Phoenixville Arts Festival found little ones abound checking out the little dog stuffy, the Adventures of Nonna in the little red truck all around town and coloring activity pages with free crayons and bookmarks to bring home. The streets were full to the brim, laughter could be heard up and down the streets, and so many people enjoying all the beautiful and creative art.


Barnes & Noble Book Event 


I had the pleasure of leading story hour at a Barnes and Noble book event that was truly heartwarming and filled with the magic of family and storytelling. The event featured the book "The Adventures of Nonna and the Little Red Truck in Autumn," a charming tale of adventure, bonding, and the power of family.

The event began with a warm welcome from the Barnes and Noble staff, setting the tone for an evening of pure delight. Families gathered in the children's section, where a cozy reading nook awaited, complete with colorful cushions and a little Titan dog prop to match the book's theme.

The event also included an interactive session where the children could ask questions about the book, find the red truck on each page, and share their thoughts. It was heartening to see the children's faces light up as we interacted.



Library Story Hour Event

The "Story Hour" event at the local library proved that learning can be a fun and interactive adventure, and that books have the power to transport us to wondrous places.
The young readers dived into the book's pages, excitedly spotting hidden creatures and finding the little red truck on each page. There was a sense of joy and accomplishment as they found each animal. They would eagerly discuss their discoveries with each other and with the librarian. The event wasn't just about passive reading; it encouraged children to unleash their creativity with activity pages.

Bookstores and Library Happenings

Now, you can find these wonderful books right in your local bookstore in PA at, Reads & Company, Generations Toy Store and in WI. Bound to Happen Bookstore, Kindred Spirits Bookstore and Stevens Point Library. With each turn of the page, you'll be transported to a world where Nonna and her Little Red Truck embark on remarkable adventures with the young narrator, sparking the curiosity and imagination of both children and adults. Whether you're looking for a heartwarming story to share with your family or a gift for a loved one you can check them out at bookstores and libraries.

Join the Journey:

Whether you're a parent looking to share these stories with your children, a teacher seeking engaging literature for your classroom, or an enthusiast of heartwarming tales, these books are sure to touch the heart and spark the imagination.

Had a great day out meeting wonderful children and people at an Earth Day Event in Phoenixville with Orion Communities.

Had a great day out meeting wonderful children and people at an Earth Day Event in Phoenixville with Orion Communities.

Earth Day Signing Fun

The Adventures of Nonna and the Little Red Truck in Summertime Review

By Kathy Brandon
Illustrated by Jennifer Kasitz
© 2023, Munn Avenue Press
Kindle version; file size 7818 KB

I don’t recall reviewing a children’s book before. But The Adventures of Nonna and the Little Red Truck in Summertime was a great first selection.

In this fun story, we see through the eyes of a little boy all the adventures he enjoys while visiting with his Nonna and her dog Titan. Each page is a new adventure for a new day of the week. The narrative is sprinkled with fun words like “clatter” and “plop,” each of which are emphasized in colorful lettering with playful fonts. The little boy engages his imagination and his senses. And Nonna’s little red truck appears on every single page…though you might have to look hard to find it!

Illustrations throughout depict delightful, relaxed scenes from the tale itself, with a diverse portrayal of the characters they meet. The bright colors and various animals, insects, and birds make for a fun exploration on every page.

I also liked that the story (and Nonna) is teaching our little narrator (and thus our little readers) about the value of spending time outdoors in Nature, of socializing with others their own age, of visiting with elders, and of being observant. In the back matter pages, Kathy Brandon has given parents and teachers several guides to help enrich the reading for everyone, as well as activities they can do together while reading. Then she wraps it all together by offering a list of suggestions for how to adapt Nonna’s adventures to real life by seeking out similar activities in the reader’s own neighborhood. What a multi-textured teaching tool!

Overall, I feel like this is truly a fun read to share with the young ones in your life. Read it with them, and work together on the activities at the end, like a game! Definitely recommended.


Exciting news! The Adventures of Nonna and the Little Red Truck in Summertime is now located in Generations Toy Store where you will find a delightful store, full of so many wonderful ways to interact and engage.  #literacy #engagement #literacymatters #readingforall. #reading #Generationstoystore #firsttimeauthor

Kathy and her book, The Adventures of Nonna and the Little Red Truck in Summertime, were featured by Orion Communities, a nonprofit in Phoenixville, PA.