Our Senses in Nature Series – Sight

Is there anything more delightful than watching a child in a state of wonder?

Engaging your senses enhances the experience of being in nature.  It is so important to give children opportunities to be in nature, to explore the outside. Nature engages different parts of the brain and allows for growing and learning, all while having a good time. Children don’t mind a bit of rainy weather, don your rain boots and hit some puddles, open your mouth and taste the rain, spin in circles, watch animals in their natural habitats and learn the importance of respecting their homes. Children are naturally curious, full of wonder, and love to ask why. Getting them outside opens doors for those to all be engaged with the adult joining them on the day’s adventure. Try this activity with a little one and watch the wonder that occurs. In the summer months the days are longer and there is plenty of time for exploring the outdoors. The outdoors is a perfect opportunity to let your child take the lead and show you what they want to explore, allowing them to point out what is of interest and having you follow their cues. Making up stories for objects and people found along the way will increase vocabulary, problem/ solutions, and creativity outlets. Being outdoors also greatly increases motor skills for children, reduces stress, and helps boost cognition. All of these are wonderful benefits to being outdoors, while also teaching our youth to respect, care for, and be actively involved with the future of their planet.

With an adult, take a sense walk in the woods.

Try a few exciting activities while in nature to have your own adventure.

Let’s start with sight.

Sight: Look at the light coming through the trees, or reflecting off the water, off the rocks throughout.

Take in the designs of the bark on the trees, find the side with the green moss. Can you name any of the different trees on your walk?

Identify the different colored flowers where you are walking.

See how the water moves over the dirt, rocks and logs.

Those scurrying sounds might be a chipmunk, squirrel, or rabbits across the wooded trail floor, keep an eye out and you just might see them playing nearby.

Can you see the birds flying through the air, or landing in a branch?

Maybe you are lucky enough to find a nest to explore.

Can you spot a firefly, carefully catch one in your hands and watch it glow, then release it


I would love to hear about your time outdoors and what you experienced. Enjoy all that nature has to offer.

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