Our Senses in Nature- Hearing

Hearing: There is much to uncover in the woods, and amazing sounds to capture as you slowly walk through the greenery and tall trees. There is so much magic that is whispered among the trees, and if you open your ears you will be sure to uncover more of that magic. Each species of tree has its own voice, if you listen carefully you can surely hear them each. Take it all in, and discover what nature has to offer you to absorb the different sounds on each new adventure. Try using your sense of hearing to find some of these waiting sounds.

Try to listen for a twig snapping underneath your feet

Can you hear the scurrying of a critter on the forest floor?

Is that a gurgling sound coming from the creek heading downstream?

Hear the crunching of the leaves on a fall walk

If you listen real closely you may even hear the flapping of an eagle’s wing soaring above you.

Did you hear the splashing of fish as they leapt in and out of the water?

The wind whistling through the trees as you walk under the awnings of branches can bring you joy.

Loud sounds of a hooves on the path coming up behind you as your hear the breath of the horse from his nostrils.

Laughter sounds can carry across the fields as children and adults explore the beautiful outdoors.

Your pencil scratches the clean paper as you sketch the delightful scenery.

Can you uncover the chirping songs coming high above your head?

As you take that moon walk did you hear the Hoot Hoot from the owls saying hello?

Coming around a bend you may hear the gushing of waterfalls as they glide over the height of rock faces.

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