Our Senses in Nature-Touch

Can you imagine all the amazing items there are to touch on a nature walk?   This is a wonderful world of discovery for you and your child alike to explore. Nature is a window to so many textures, waiting for you to bring your curiosity.

When you dig your fingers into the earth, what does it feel like to you? Cool, wet, dry, warm,

The silky feeling of a flower petal can make you want to rub it on your face.

Be careful as you cross fields, they may have some prickly plants poking about.

Go ahead and hug a tree, or run your fingers on the trunk, you will be amazed at all the textures for you to feel.

Did the ice forming over the water feel slippery on your feet and fingers?

While clamoring over rocks you can identify those that are jagged and those that are smooth. Some feel cool to the touch and others may feel warmed by the sun.

Were you able to find a fuzzy caterpillar that tickled your hand?

The signs you come across can be cool and metal or warm and wooden.

Sometimes you may find something squishy during your exploration.

Are those acorns and pinecones prickly, rough, smooth, bumpy, hard, soft, spiky, dry or wet?

Take a few moments to sit still and explore what you can feel. The warmth of the sun, the ground underneath you, the ladybug that landed on your arm, the butterfly tickling your nose, the wind across your skin and so much more.

If you spend time in nature, be sure to spend time with nature. You will not be disappointed.




  1. Charlene on April 23, 2023 at 11:19 am

    Kathy you autographed a book to my grandson Remi for me on Earth Day but I came home with an unsigned copy. Please call me. 610 547-0144

    Thank you. Charlene Briggs

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